Greentech.Biz: Business with therapies against obesity is booming

Von Luca Magri | 6. September 2023

“Novo Nordisk dominates the market” The specialist in anti-obesity therapies is buzzing: the Danish company Novo Nordisk is highly valued among investors. On Monday, Novo Nordisk surpassed the French luxury goods manufacturer LVMH as the most valuable European company. Only Novo Nordisk has so far managed to launch new effective […]

Greentech Kids: Fairphone 5 – the special smartphone

Von Luca Magri | 5. September 2023

The Fairphone 5 is a special phone because it is good for the environment and is manufactured fairly. It’s just as good as other phones that aren’t as environmentally friendly. And the price is okay, as well. Two years ago, there was already the Fairphone 4, which was also environmentally […]

Greentech IAA: Lufthansa boss makes fun of Deutsche Bahn at the IAA

Von Luca Magri | 5. September 2023

  Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr took aim at Deutsche Bahn at a forum on the networking of the various modes of transport. Munich Airport, for example, is still not connected to the DB long-distance network, he criticised on Tuesday at the IAA Mobility car and transport fair in Munich. Travellers […]

Greentech Fashion: Sneakers made from apple remnants by Innocent and VLACE

Von Luca Magri | 5. September 2023

  The smoothie manufacturer «Innocent» has started a cooperation with the sneaker brand «Vlace». Together they present the “Fruity Kicks”. These are sneakers made from apple residues, which are produced during the apple juice production process.

Greentech KIT: Sustainable lithium for many decades to come

Von Luca Magri | 5. September 2023

Researchers at KIT in Karlsruhe are investigating how Europe can extract more lithium for batteries to become climate neutral. Europe produces only 1% of the world’s lithium, but geothermal energy could help. In Germany, geothermal power plants in the Upper Rhine Graben and North German Basin could supply 2-12% of […]

Greentech Africa: Focus on energy transition at Africa climate summit

Von Luca Magri | 4. September 2023

Africa has hardly contributed to the climate crisis, but is particularly affected by it. In Nairobi, demands are therefore likely to be made on the industrialised countries. But there is also great potential at stake. Africa: Greentech potential super big – renewable energies have 50x potential For the first time, […]

Study: Consumers buy environmentally friendly appliances – but do not use eco mode

Von Luca Magri | 23. August 2023

A New Greentech study on energy efficiency and the use of household appliances in private households makes it clear: unfortunately, people are not yet a trace of eco. Because when buying, consumers focus on sustainable household appliances – but after that it’s over with the frugality. The eco-mode is used […]

Greentech Fraunhofer shows vehicles with integrated photovoltaics at the IAA

Von Luca Magri | 23. August 2023

How are new mobility concepts changing urban life? What about the development of sustainable and efficient mobility solutions? How can autonomous driving become even safer? Under the motto “Tomorrow’s mobility”, eight Fraunhofer units will be presenting their know-how as well as their concepts and solutions for the mobility of the […]

Greentech: Japanese researchers develop air battery based on organic electrode materials

Von Luca Magri | 22. August 2023

Japanese researchers have taken a pioneering step by presenting the first prototype of a new air battery based on organic electrode materials. In contrast to similar projects, they deliberately chose not to use metal electrodes. The promising results from the early laboratory tests show that the prototype still has a […]

Greentech: Solar panel cleaning robot cleans without water

Von Luca Magri | 22. August 2023

Enel Green Power, an Italian Greentech company in the renewable energy sector, has recently introduced an autonomous robot specifically designed for the efficient cleaning of solar panels. This innovative robot has the ability to clean solar panels of dirt and dust without using water. What makes it special is its […]

Mobility News

Greentech Fraunhofer shows vehicles with integrated photovoltaics at the IAA

Von Luca Magri | 23. August 2023

How are new mobility concepts changing urban life? What about the development of sustainable and efficient mobility solutions? How can autonomous driving become even safer? Under the motto “Tomorrow’s mobility”, eight Fraunhofer units will be presenting their know-how as well as their concepts and solutions for the mobility of the […]

Continental-Recycling-Tyres Greentech-Live

Circular economy: car tires made from plastic waste

Von Greentech-Live-En | 10. August 2022

Interesting approach from the tire industry: The industry is now increasingly using old PET bottles as a raw material for car interiors, seat covers, side panels, etc. But now plastic waste, more precisely recycled PET bottles, is also finding its way into car tires. The German manufacturer Continental wants to […]

Bicycle is the hidden champion, says TUEV study

Von Greentech-Live-En | 15. Mai 2022

Alternative drives, automated driving or the consequences of the pandemic – the mobility of German citizens is changing. How has Corona changed mobility behavior? Which measures for better environmental and climate protection and sustainability in the transport sector do the respondents support? What is the actual uptake of electric vehicles […]

Clicks for the climate: Plant trees by using the Ecosia search engine

Von Greentech-Live-En | 13. Februar 2023

Ecosia, the “search engine that plants trees.” Founded in 2009, the company is already the talk of the town. Founder Christian Kroll talks about why trees are being used to combat the climate crisis, what Ecosia is also doing for the climate, and the competition with Google in the Greentech. […]

German-Indonesian project “Solar Ice Maker

Von Greentech-Live-En | 11. Februar 2023

Greentech Update in a nutshell: A German-Indonesian partnership has developed a solar-powered ice maker for small-scale fishermen in Indonesia. The high-tech solution is called “Solar Ice Maker” and was developed as a rural development project to prevent food waste and enable small fishermen in disadvantaged regions to sell their products […]

Proservation for preservation: new packaging material made from grain husks

Von Greentech-Live-En | 11. Februar 2023
Proservation Greentech Live Nachhaltige Verpackungen

The Proservation founding team has made “packaging with reason” its motto. To achieve this, they use natural materials for their new packaging material, which is based on grain husks. Packaging materials such as Styrofoam represent a major environmental burden Packaging materials such as Styropor are anything but environmentally friendly. The […]

Second Hand Smartphones: Rebuy boomt

Von Greentech-Live-En | 9. Februar 2023

The refurbishment of smartphones is increasingly becoming big business – as this milestone for recommerce companies proves: By its own admission, Rebuy breaks the 200 million euro revenue threshold. The new annual sales record could be broken as early as mid-December 2022. The provider of used electronic products and media […]

Green IT: Green IT structures save up to 50% energy

Von Greentech-Live-En | 9. Februar 2023

New Year’s resolutions return every 365 days – often with the subsequent realization of having set goals that were too high. Whether as a private individual or as a company: Sustainability has been among the top aspirations for years. The IT industry is considered one of the largest consumers of […]

Carbon Capture: Turning Air into Carbon #ClimateProtection:

Von Greentech-Live-En | 6. Februar 2023

To curb the climate crisis, a lot of CO2 has to be taken out of the atmosphere. One approach comes from Karlsruhe, where high-tech raw materials are made from air – which are also in demand in industry. It is the high-tech raw material carbon black that researchers at the […]

SolarFoods: Food from air and sun #FoodTech

Von Greentech-Live-En | 5. Februar 2023

More and more people want protein-rich meat substitutes. Startups are trying to develop alternatives that are both climate-friendly and healthy. Food from air and sun – is that possible? The powder is mustard-yellow and reminiscent of ground turmeric. But Solein, as the dust-fine invention is called, is neither a plant […]

Mega-battery storage at nuclear power plants to store surplus solar power

Von Greentech-Live-En | 4. Februar 2023

Old problem, new solutions: Every summer, the energy industry and climate change activists ask in unison “where to put excess solar power during the sunny months? Excess solar power refers to the electrical energy produced by photovoltaic systems but not used immediately. Since it is usually not possible to store […]

North Sea to become powerhouse for energy transition

Von Greentech-Live-En | 3. Februar 2023

Lower Saxony’s Minister President Stephan Weil sees great opportunities for the North Sea region in the energy transition. “The North Sea and the North Sea coast will become the powerhouse for the energy turnaround – this is true for the Netherlands and this is especially true for Germany,” the SPD […]

Euro emissions standard 7: Car countries press for renegotiations

Von Greentech-Live-En | 2. Februar 2023
Car Traffic Air-Pollution Congestion Flo Karr via Unsplash

The EU Commission wants to protect people and the environment even better from exhaust fumes by imposing stricter regulations on carmakers. However, there is cross-party resistance where the manufacturers are located. The car states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Lower Saxony fear considerable disadvantages for the German automotive industry as a […]

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