Interesting sustainablility approach: Daimler Truck plans to create “Netflix for car spare parts” with 3D Printing License Management

Stuttgart based Daimler Truck has big plans: The truck and bus manufacturer from Stuttgart wants to make parts service more sustainable and revolutionize it – and promises a kind of “Netflix for car spare parts: In the future, bus companies and service partners will be able to manufacture spare parts themselves using 3D printing. This is supposed to be more sustainable, efficient and safe.

From June 2022, 3D printing licenses will be available alongside spare parts. The new 3D printing license store comes from Omniplus. Daimler wants to use it to be a pioneer in the automotive industry and establish digital spare parts warehouses for Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses.


In the future, owners of Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses will be able to produce numerous spare parts quickly and inexpensively in-house. All that is required for the mini-parts factory in the bus company is a certified 3D printer, a one-time registration and the purchase of a license for the respective part required in the desired quantity.

With the new license management for spare parts, the Omniplus service brand from Daimler Buses is taking the lead in the entire automotive industry.


3D-Druck Lizenzmanagement


Buses and coaches have to be on the move, and the rapid availability of spare parts keeps the fleet on the road. That’s why Daimler Buses is revolutionizing parts service with its Omniplus service brand: no cumbersome ordering process, no transport, no waiting times, instead a flexible supply of in-house spare parts around the clock every day of the week – Omniplus’ new 3D print license store makes it possible.

As of June2022, more than 100 parts of the currently more than 1500 different 3D printable parts in the digital warehouse will be available as initial licenses. More spare parts as digital licenses will follow.

The service is reminiscent of streaming services or media libraries: a record collection or fixed broadcast times were yesterday, now everyone can enjoy their show or favorite music at any time at the desired location.