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Solar Startup Sunmaxx PVT raises 3.2 Mio

Not only the sun is smiling, but also the management at the Saxon solar startup Sunmaxx PVT: The greenetch company secures investment worth millions: 3.25 million euros for the further development of solar hybrid modules and the establishment of production in Saxony TGFS Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen is investing in Sunmaxx PVT […]


Greentech Newsletter 17.1.23: Zeroavia, Blackout, Bosch, Together for Future, Aerones

+++ Top News: „Very intensive“ preparations for emergency blackout in Germany A long-lasting and widespread power blackout is very unlikely, according to the German government. Nevertheless, preparing for a possible blackout is a major topic at the Rhineland-Pfalz Städtetag … via Stern +++ „Rössle E-Lastenrad“: Stuttgart pushes load bike rental […]

Green IT

Data center trends: sustainability prevails

There is no question that green IT is on the rise. The idea of sustainability is becoming more and more prevalent, especially in energy-hungry data centers in view of high energy prices and the climate crisis. This is also reflected in data center trends in Germany 2023. According to the […]