Interesting approach from the tire industry: The industry is now increasingly using old PET bottles as a raw material for car interiors, seat covers, side panels, etc. But now plastic waste, more precisely recycled PET bottles, is also finding its way into car tires.

The German manufacturer Continental wants to be a pioneer here with the so-called ContiRe. Tex tires.

According to the company, the plastic fibers from 40 recycled PET bottles are made of this new type of tire, which is supposedly more ecologically valuable.

Greentech for car tires: New technology enables series production

The “Eco-Pneus” are mass-produced at Continental’s tire plant in Lousado, Portugal. The company from Hanover is cooperating with the Chinese fiber specialist and textile manufacturer OTIZ Oriental from Sozhou.

Within a few months, the partners are said to have succeeded in developing a new technology that wins the polyester yarn without additional chemical processes.


A conventional car tire contains about 400 grams of polyester yarn in its carcass, it is conventionally made from petroleum.

Continental had the specially developed ContiRe. Tex technology first introduced in September 2021. Polyester yarn is used here, which is obtained without any intermediate chemical steps from used PET bottles that are not otherwise recycled.