Greentech Live Congress with Hannah Johnson from Snapchat
Greentech Live Conference with Hannah Johnson from Snapchat

Hannah Johnson, Creative Strategy Lead DACH at Snap Inc (Snapchat), was a guest at the Greentech.LIVE Conference in October 2022, presenting the concept of Augmented Reality (AR).

However, as Hannah demonstrates at the Greentech Conference, Snapchat’s “Lenses” have since evolved significantly since the introduction of the dog filter. The “Lenses” can be used to learn something, try things on, or discover the world around you.

As part of this, Hannah presents a collaboration with Telekom that aims to bring charity and greentech projects closer to “Generation Z.”

She also shows us what other possibilities AR brings with it. On the one hand, AR allows visual effects to be projected onto buildings, as well as effects that can be called up on a city-specific basis, for example when you’re traveling in Hamburg or London.

Screenshot- https- watch v=17DhuPAZYEI&t=1288s
Screenshot- https- watch v=17DhuPAZYEI&t=1288s

Transforming the world

There are also lenses that enable “transformation of the world”. For example, these lenses change the sky to a starry sky, reveal stories, and more. Hannah also shows us “Multi-User AR”, lenses that can be used by multiple users at the same time, enabling a shared experience.

Snapchat against plastic waste

One lens that polarized the world was the #plasticgate lens, which virtually showered the Brandenburg Gate with plastic waste. Also integrated is the writing “Germany causes 6.3 million tons of plastic waste per year.”

In the selfie perspective, an adhesive film appears to give the user the feeling of “drowning” in plastic waste.

Screenshot- https- watch v=17DhuPAZYEI&t=1288s
Screenshot- https- watch v=17DhuPAZYEI&t=1288s

The lens was used by Snapchat to highlight what an immense amount of plastic waste we consume every year and to give people a sense of these waste masses.