Of course, you know the market in the square around the corner. And you usually even know when it takes place. But if you’re in a larger city and you’re traveling through other neighborhoods or visiting a city as a tourist, this knowledge won’t get you anywhere.

The site “Wo-ist-Markt.de” provides a solution to this problem. Simply select the desired city in the drop-down menu and, if necessary, filter the results displayed on the map at the very top in terms of time.

Find weekly and flea markets

When clicking on a search hit, the exact times of weekly, but also flea markets in the respective city and, if applicable, further details are displayed.

Even though almost all cities for which market data can be found in the map are located in Germany: The Open Data project is not limited to that. Basel or Mallorca, for example, are also represented.

Fresh Fruit Vegetables Market Waldemar-Unsplash
Fresh Fruit Vegetables Market Waldemar-Unsplash

Participation welcome in Greentech Web project

The decisive factor for a city to be included is a kind of sponsorship: For each city, there must be at least one person who takes the trouble to compile the market data and keep it up-to-date from then on. This is also the reason why by far not every city can be found via the drop-down menu.

There are instructions for developers who want to participate. The easiest and quickest way to integrate cities is to use open data portals as an interface, where market data can also be found.