Crisis winners: The Hessian air conditioning technology company Viessmann increased its sales by 19 percent to around 4 billion euros last year. According to a statement on Wednesday, the key driver was dynamic growth in heat pumps, which are designed to replace conventional heating systems.

ClimateTech from Hesse flourishes

Growth was accelerated by high demand for greentech and sustainable climate solutions and based on renewable energies, it said. Viessmann had announced in May 2022 that it would invest around one billion euros in this area, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions from the building sector in the wake of climate change.

Among other things, a new factory will be built in Poland. The family-owned company, which was founded in 1917 and now employs 14,500 people, traditionally does not provide details of its profits.

Heat pumps use environmental heat from the air or the ground to heat buildings. If sustainably generated electricity is used in the process, there is no environmental impact from CO2 emissions.