The official launch of the Green Digital Economy Platform (GDEP), an innovative international initiative, was announced today. The launch, supported by Dr Moeldoko, Chief of Staff to the President of Indonesia, is a significant step for Indonesia and Korea to promote sustainability, foster digital wellbeing and promote the digital economy.

The GDEP is led by HumanX, a global partnership to promote human-centred technology, in collaboration with the Maju Tani Movement in Indonesia and the DQ Institute.

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This launch follows the 24th ASEAN-Republic of Korea Summit held on 6 September 2023, where an agreement was reached to promote the green and digital economy, science, technology and innovation, and carbon neutrality in the region.


GDEP platform for more sustainability in agriculture

The GDEP is a platform for business collaboration that aligns the digital economy and sustainability by advancing the “cross economy” model that goes beyond the traditional “circular economy” framework.

By leveraging Korea’s technological advancements, Indonesia’s vast market and resources, and global R&D and investment, the GDEP is able to drive transformative digital innovations in the fields of agricultural technology, climate technology and carbon trading.

The multiple impacts on the digital economy and sustainability are monitored through the Digital ESG Index, led by the Digital Finance Disclosure Task Force.