Greentech LIVE Conference Sept 2023 with speaker Simon Müller from Wattx
Greentech LIVE Conference Sept 2023 with speaker Simon Müller from Wattx

No matter what technologies, ideas or products – Wattx believes that sustainability should always be considered. As a venture builder, they therefore help companies to develop.

Wattx focuses on sustainable ventures

“2.6 watt-hours – that’s about what a light bulb consumes in an hour and also what a prompt consumes in ChatGPT. If I enter 24 prompts in ChatGPT, that’s roughly the same as my light bulb being on all day.” Simon Müller, Managing Director of Wattx, uses this example to outline the impact of data on the environment.

If you look at the figures, it becomes clear that the aspect of sustainability should not be forgotten when it comes to new start-ups and innovations.
As a venture builder, Wattx wants to help build sustainable ventures. Starting with the idea through to sustainable development.

“We build start-ups together with our partners on the basis of ideas. We have considered each of these steps: What role does sustainability play?” says Müller.

GREENTECH LIVE VIDEO: Simon Müller, wattx | Greentech.LIVE Special x Impact Hub Stuttgart 2023

“No matter what, you can always build it sustainably”

Müller breaks the steps down into 3 parts:

Distilling, i.e. the reduction of data; optimising in conjunction with some analyses of the overall system and forecasting.

With regard to software disciplines, there are also simple points that can be applied to all of them, such as “elimination”.

“Eliminating means getting rid of everything that I don’t actually need. In the case of data, it’s relatively straightforward: there’s a lot of data that you don’t need. Images in the backend that the frontend doesn’t see; backups that nobody needs because some engineer has defined a strategy without really thinking about whether the last three weeks are enough as a backup,” explains Müller.

Focus on SMEs in the start-up world

The basic rule is to ask yourself: “What do I really need?”

To find this out, Wattx supports companies with research sprints, detailed assessments including a validated product concept and, last but not least, product builders. The aim is to end up with a functional, ready-to-use product.

Incidentally, Wattx’s focus is on SMEs.

Müller explains why as follows: “The startup world is an innovative, agile, fast-paced world, however there are also negative aspects. For example, I’m not a fan of throwing endless amounts of money at a problem on the assumption that a lot will come of it. SMEs are more down-to-earth and long-term, which is why we like the combination.”

Wattx sees a future for sustainable corporate development

Sustainability is emphasised throughout the entire process at Wattx. The impact analyses include a climate score, the concept is checked to avoid greenwashing and the product should ultimately be implemented in a sustainable infrastructure.

Müller sees this as the future of corporate development. Something overarching needs to be created. And above all, sustainability should be given more thought.

“We all need to engage much more with the topic,” he explains. “Educating ourselves and others is important.”