Sightful laptop with AR without monitor
Sightful laptop with AR without monitor. Photo: Manufacturer

Fancy a 100-inch laptop for your rucksack? Are you familiar with the problem that the laptop screen is always far too small? This realisation has inspired the tech company Sightful to completely remove the screen from its innovative “Spacetop” notebook.

“Spacetop” notebook without a screen – but with AR is energy-efficient

Instead, the lidless notebook is equipped with mixed reality glasses that are permanently connected to the device by cable.


Greentech CES: The device celebrated its premiere at CES this week.

The highlight: a virtual workspace is displayed in the glasses, which corresponds to a curved 100-inch display. Programme windows can be distributed on this surface as desired, operation is via the keyboard and touchpad, and the operating system is a modified version of Android.

And in terms of energy consumption, the glasses solution is definitely much more energy-efficient than LCD displays or OLED screens.

Saving energy on a “large scale”: Sightful has also launched an Enterprise Seeding Programme (ESP) with AR

The company has also launched the Sightful Enterprise Seeding Programme (ESP) and uses augmented reality to support large companies in redesigning the hybrid office.

It also specialises in developing and implementing customised spatial computing solutions for companies so that teams can do their best work in a “work from anywhere” world.