Smaller is better after all: At the Greentech.LIVE conference, Itamar Meridor, the founder and CEO of City Transformer, provides insights into his startup, which specializes in the development of urban electric vehicles.

According to Itamar, City Transformer aims to revolutionize mobility in urban areas and help improve air quality and protect the climate.

The Israel-based company has developed a range of mini electric vehicles specifically designed for use in urban areas. These include small and maneuverable vehicles that are perfect for use in narrow streets and parking lots. These vehicles are quiet and emission-free, helping to improve air quality in cities.

City Transformer aims to create greener future

Itamar Meridor founded City Transformer with the vision of creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. He is convinced that electric mobility is an important step in this direction and that the development of urban electric vehicles can make a decisive contribution to improving the quality of life in urban areas.

City Transformer @ Greentech Live Conference: Mini-E-Auto aus Israel
City Transformer @ Greentech Live Conference: Mini-E-Auto aus Israel

The City Transformer company has made great progress in a short time and has already developed several prototypes of its electric vehicles. Itamar Meridor and his team are continuously working to further improve the technology and develop new models to motivate even more people to switch to electric mobility.

Mini electric vehicles for better air and less parking stress

The company has also partnered with cities and municipalities to promote and support electric mobility in urban areas. It is also actively involved in projects to build charging infrastructure and works closely with regulators and other industry players to accelerate the adoption of electromobility in cities.