Frowning in the greentech industry: Fracking for the extraction of domestic gas in deep rock strata is wrongly taboo in the view of an expert at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). “Modern fracking is absolutely justifiable in the current situation and should play a role in a rational energy policy,” says Frank Schilling, Professor of Technical Petrophysics at the KIT Institute for Applied Geosciences and Head of the State Geothermal Research Center. Risks for the environment could be kept low with careful planning, monitoring, and compliance with technical standards.

Environmental protection: Fracking so far very controversial because of

For the Green-led Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment, fracking is still “not an issue.”

Fracking gas production sustainable Brad Weaver Unsplash
Fracking gas production sustainable Brad Weaver Unsplash

s also points out that it would not help in the current energy crisis because fracked gas could not be realized quickly. The geoscientist disagrees: according to him, fracked gas could technically be extracted within six to nine months given sufficient preliminary exploration. Fracking involves extracting gas from deep layers of rock using pressure and fluids. According to critics, this can pose risks to the environment.

Gas production: Fracking not an issue in Baden-Württemberg

Fracking is controversial because there are concerns about environmental impacts and the possible deterioration of water quality. There is also concern that fracking can damage underground formations, leading to earthquakes and gas leaks. Some people are also concerned about the use of chemicals in the extraction of gas and oil. On the other hand, some argue that fracking can be an important source of energy and jobs, and that it can contribute to energy independence and reduced emissions.