Hooray, here at last is another genuine greentech innovation – and a very special eye-catcher: the tinkerers at the Seatwirl company from Scandinavia are developing completely new types of wind turbines with a vertical axis.

The Swedish-based company wants to build particularly smart and efficient offshore wind farms off the west coast of Norway. The novelty here is that the floating wind turbines have a vertical axis.

The wind turbine is called “S2X” and is to rise 55 meters out of the water. Under water, the turbine will reach a depth of 80 meters. Each wind turbine is to have a diameter of 50 meters, and the three rotor blades will probably be around 40 meters long. The wind turbine is to deliver a maximum output of one megawatt of electricity.

Green wind technology: Rotor blades 40 meters long

According to experts, vertical-axis wind turbines have a number of advantages. For example, they do not need to be tracked by the wind, as the wind flows ideally from every direction. This makes them particularly suitable for gusty locations. Other advantages of the design include a low center of gravity, which makes the wind turbine very stable. In addition, the moving components are mounted comparatively low.

This simplifies maintenance of the turbine. And wind farms relying on the new technology would consume significantly less space than offshore wind farms equipped with floating windmills of conventional design.

Seatwirl Windenergie vertikal Greentech Norwegen
Seatwirl Windenergie vertikal Greentech Norwegen