Exciting news about ebikes from France: Peugeot Cycles has announced a range of new models for the new 2023/2024 season.

Peugeots parent company Stellantis has announced in a press release that a series of new e-bikes from the Peugeot Cycles brand will be coming onto the market at the end of 2023 and beginning of 2024.

The manufacturer can look back on a long tradition. The company has been offering bicycles since 1885, albeit without an electric motor at the time, of course.

Greentech Bikes Peugeot eBikes
Greentech Bikes Peugeot eBikes

Greentech Bikes: classic e-city bikes with an exciting design

In addition to a classic e-city bike with an eye-catching design, the manufacturer also wants to launch a “longtail” cargo bike on the market. This has an extended rear end that is suitable for transporting up to two children or loads, among other things. The E-Cargos category also includes a new “B-Carrier”, a cargo bike with an extended front wheelbase.

According to the manufacturer, this allows up to three children or heavy loads to be transported. The pictures included in this article give an insight into the stylishly designed new products and show, among other things, mid-mounted motors and disc brakes.

Smart features for new eBikes

In addition to the new styles of the e-bike innovations, the manufacturer also promises a whole range of smart features for the new models. Among other things, there is talk of a special smartphone app that will offer the choice of adaptive electric assistance, an anti-theft system, an alarm, bike localisation, real-time navigation, weather forecasts, route statistics and much more. Not an innovation, but certainly a useful addition.

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